As the Christmas season approaches, we find ourselves caught in the delightful whirlwind of festivity and joy. Amid the glittering lights and cheerful carols, we understand that navigating the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping can be a task in itself.

In the spirit of making your Christmas a touch more joyful and a lot less stressful, we’ve gathered some invaluable tips for visiting our centre. Whether you’re navigating the gift aisles, planning festive feasts, or simply soaking in the merry atmosphere, LynnMall is here to guide you with practical advice to ensure your holiday shopping experience is filled with ease and delight.

For every Christmas, let LynnMall be your partner in turning the holiday frenzy into a joyous and seamless celebration.


When to visit:

With an increased amount of people choosing to shop at this time of year, naturally we have an increased traffic flow throughout the centre and the carparks. It’s important to note that sometimes the traffic is from a large visitation to our carparks, however sometimes the traffic is on the surrounding streets and in traffic light phasing; something we have limited control over. If you want to make things easier then we recommend the best time to visit is right when we open (see our opening hours here) and in the two hours before we close. We find our quietest days are on Monday and Tuesdays in the morning or on our late nights, and our busiest times are the weekends. We have also extended some of our hours for your convenience. See these HERE.

Where to park:

We have a variety of carparks, which are accessible to different areas of the centre, but we’ve outlined the key areas you might wish to visit at this time of year.

  • If you’re looking for Countdown, then we recommend parking in our P1 Carpark, off Great North Road.
  • If you’re looking to eat at our food court, then we recommend parking in our P2 upper or lower car parks off Totara Avenue and for The Brickworks, in our P1 carpark off Great North Road or our P2 lower carpark under Reading Cinemas which is off Totara Avenue.
  • If you’re looking for Farmers, we recommend parking in our P2 upper carpark off Totara Avenue.
  • If you’re looking for Whitcoulls, we recommend parking in our P2 lower or upper carpark off Totara Avenue.
  • If you’re looking to buy one of our gift cards, hire mobility scooters or for help and assistance, the park closest to our customer service desk is our P3 upper carpark off Totara Avenue.
  • If you’re looking for Santa, our closest carpark to his hangout spot is P3 upper carpark off Totara Avenue
  • And any of our carparks for our gift wrapping stations as they are throughout the centre from Monday 11 December.

How to get here and how to find a carpark:

You can view our centre map HERE for directions.

What to do:

We have a variety of activities with Santa, plus a whole lot of special events leading up to the big day! See what’s happening in the centre HERE.

Making your day stress-free!

Remember to have a great breakfast or coffee to start your day right! Coffee is FULL of goodness to get those endorphins pulsing, and you can grab a coffee and bite for breaky from Espresso Caffe, Jamie’s Café, McDonald’s, Muffin Break, Starbucks, Tank Juice Bar, The Coffee Club, Bodrum Kitchen, Kage, Denny’s, and Dunkin Donuts.

We’re also here to help every day until Christmas – please feel free to call our customer service team on 09 826 2333, otherwise, feel free to chat to us HERE on our Facebook page.


Please remember to be patient and kind to everyone you meet! Our lovely retail staff and centre teams will do their best to look after you.


At Christmas, it shouldn’t be about stress and worry. Christmas is about sharing with and giving your time to family, fur family, friends and loved ones, and however we can, or however you do it, we’re here to help you.

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