Customer service desk

Our friendly Customer Service Desk is located behind Muffin Break, near the Memorial Drive entrance and is open from 10am each day.

Our team can provide you with a wide range of helpful information, including the hire of wheelchairs, mobility scooters and Kiddie Kruisers from 10am.

Phone enquiries are also welcome on +64 9 826 2333

Alternatively you are welcome to contact us through our website here or on our Facebook page HERE.

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Parents' rooms

Our parents’ rooms are child friendly spaces designed for your convenience. They are equipped with microwaves, toddler toilets, change tables and screened seated areas for your feeding privacy. All parents and caregivers are welcome.

Parents’ rooms are located:

  • Amenities area down corridor next to Whitcoulls
  • Exit to the foodcourt (corridor behind Matsu Sushi)
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We're breastfeeding friendly!

Please feel free to breastfeed your baby anywhere in the centre, however, if you’d like somewhere more private, we welcome you to use our parents’ rooms.


Our toilets are located:

  • By ASB Bank and Unichem Pharmacy
  • Parents’ room near Whitcoulls
  • Parents’ room near Matsu Sushi in the foodcourt

Every bathroom also has an accessible toilet.

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Justice of the Peace

Have your documents legally witnessed and signed.

This is a FREE community service, every Friday between 6pm and 8pm.  No booking is required and the desk is located next to our Customer Service Desk, at the Memorial Drive end of the centre.

Parking made easier

We want you to have the best car parking experience possible and we have made finding your carpark much easier.

We have installed a state-of-the-art ‘vehicle management system’ (VMS). Strategically positioned LED signage at major entry points tell you how many parks are available in each of the parking zones. So you’re able to decide if you’ll turn into that particular car park or continue around to the next parking area.

To make parking as easy as possible we have made the three car parks easily identifiable with colour coding and simple names like P1, P2 and P3.

P1 is the Great North carpark, accessed off both Great North Road and Veronica Street.

P2 is the two story carpark, accessed off Totara Avenue with numerous entry points from the Reading Cinemas corner (at the roundabout) all the way to the back of Farmers.

P3 is the upstairs carpark with one entry point off Totara Avenue near the intersection with Memorial Drive.

You can also check availablity before you arrive a LynnMall by clicking here.

We are really excited to bring this system to LynnMall and we hope your next parking experience with the VMS is a great one.

We also have accessible parking – see our accessibility information below.

Children's playground

LynnMall has a play area located conveniently in the foodcourt near LJS.

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Childcare facility

Curious Kids Early Learning Centre offer quality childcare with passionate nurturing educators, either on a part-time or full-time basis.

Our environment and daily routines are set up to empower your children, to explore, play and learn at their own pace, with lots of caring and guidance.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the size of our centre, and we have a lovely large outdoor play area with lots of sunlight and fresh air.

Please feel free to call in for a centre tour or call on 09 827 4015 and have a chat with our centre manager – we look forward to meeting you.


Kiwi Property’s sustainability programme has been operating for more than 16 years and is an important part of our value proposition.

Like many companies, when we embarked on our sustainability programme, we started with a focus on implementing environmental initiatives that would reduce operating costs and allow us to tread more lightly on this planet.

Today, we deliver for our stakeholders by taking a holistic approach to investment management, with a focus on commitments across people, plant and profit.

You can read or download our 2021 sustainability report HERE.

EV Charging

We have two electric vehicle (EV) charging station at LynnMall.

Our Type 1 charging station is located on the P2 upper car park near the entry to Farmers.

Our Type 2 charging station is located in the P2 lower car park underneath Reading Cinemas near the undercover entry to The Brickworks.

We also have an e-bike charging station that holds up to 10 bikes located at the front of LynnMall near The Brickworks.

Plug in your electric vehicle and charge while you shop and all for FREE.

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Take a virtual tour of LynnMall

Not sure where your favourite shop is? Maybe you just want to plan your next trip? Or perhaps you’ve never visited us and want to “try before you buy”?!

Take a virtual tour right through LynnMall, with just a few clicks of your mouse. How easy is that?!

Click here to start the tour.

Accessible, 65+ and Parents' Parking

Giving all of our customers the opportunity to shop, dine and be entertained is important to us. We have a separate accessible bathroom in each of our toilet areas, as well as dedicated accessibility parks.

Our accessible parks are located by all of our main entrances to the centre, including under the cinema, in P1, P2 upper and lower, and P3.

Cars parked in clearly marked accessible parks without an appropriate permit are liable to be ticketed.

For more information about parking and transport, click here

Free KiwiWifi

We have free KiwiWifi available for you to use while visiting the centre. Simply find “KiwiWIFI” on your available WiFi networks and hop right in.

Terms of use apply.