At Kiwi Property, we want to enable greater accessibility for all. 
By making our places open to all, we create a more welcoming, inclusive atmosphere for visitors and ensure those working in our buildings are well supported to be independent. As far as possible, we aim to remove barriers that make access difficult, ensuring our shopping centres and offices (where applicable)can be enjoyed by everyone.
To ensure all customers can navigate around the single retail level centre with ease, the main entrances are controlled by automatic doors, aisles are wide with good LED lighting and lifts provide good access to the centre from the multi-level carparking that make accessibility to shops and facilities easy.


Dedicated mobility carparking is available near the entrances to LynnMall of all carparks. These carpark spaces are available to vehicles clearly displaying a valid mobility permit.

The P1 carpark on Great North Road has six mobility parks at the entry to Countdown, six spaces at the Pizza Hut entry, and three spaces at the BNZ entry.  A mobility van drop off and pick up point is also available in front of NZ Dry Cleaners.

On the first floor of P2 on Totara Avenue there are fifteen undercover mobility parks by the Foodcourt entry and four spaces by The Brickworks entry. An undercover mobility van drop off and pick up point is also available by the Foodcourt entry.

There are seven parent with prams parks located at the edge of the carpark near Curious Kids. On the second floor of P2 there are two accessible parks by the Farmers entry, with lift and escalator access to the retail floor available and a further two spaces by the Foodcourt lifts entry. Three parents with prams parks are also located by the Foodcourt lifts entry.

The P3 carpark on Totara Avenue has six mobility parks at the entry, lift access to the retail floor is available.

Please contact the customer service team on +64 9 826 2333 to discuss which carpark would best suit your needs on your next visit.

Customer Service Desk

The customer service desk is located near the Memorial Drive entry near Noel Leeming. If you need assistance, staff are more than willing to help and provide information that will make your visit more memorable.

The customer service desk is open the same core hours as the centre and staff can be contacted on 09 826 2333.

Wheelchairs and mobility scooter loan

Two wheelchairs and three mobility scooters are available for use from the customer service desk for customers while shopping at LynnMall.

There is no charge to loan a wheelchair or mobility scooter however customers must agree to the terms and conditions and provide details from one form of identification.

Toilets and Parents rooms

Accessible toilets are available in three separate locations. One is located in the amenities area near Whitcoulls, one is located in the amenities area near Muffin Break and two are located in the amenities area by the foodcourt.

Parent rooms are available at the amenities areas near Whitcoulls and the foodcourt.

Guide Dogs

Guide and assistance dogs are welcome.

To assist our staff please ensure your dog has their accessible dog registration tag and you have your handler’s registration card available, if required.

Accessible dogs are certified by one of the following organisations:

  • Assistance Dogs New Zealand
  • Hearing Dogs for Deaf People New Zealand
  • K9 Medical Detection New Zealand
  • Mobility Assistance Dogs Trust
  • New Zealand Epilepsy Assist Dogs Trust
  • Perfect Partners Assistance Dogs Trust
  • Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind
  • Incorporated (Blind Low Vision NZ)

Please note that under current New Zealand law therapy or emotional support animals do not have access rights to be in the centre (Dog Control Act 1996).