Whau River


Tanja McMillan (Misery)


Near the food court

The Work at LynnMall:

A tribute to the Whau river and it’s various tributaries, this artwork also celebrates the heritage of clay works that New Lynn is famous for. Depicted as a magical scene loaded with life, the mural features clay banks that frame the river, itself a life source for eels/tuna, Crown Lynn swans, and birdlife. Snails, fungus, root crops and even Tahurangi, or Patupaiarehe (fairy people) complete this picture of a healthy and abundant natural ecosystem. Vintage Crown Lynn inspired floral blooms complete the picture.

The Artist:

Grey Lynn Artist Tanja Jade McMillan (Misery), is undeniably one of New Zealand’s most beloved female wall and pop artists, fiercely independent, as a country we have seen her life and work develop. Internationally she has done us proud, having exhibited in Berlin, Taiwan, Melbourne, Paris, Hawaii and Los Angeles.

Her creative reach is extensive, ranging from highly crafted paintings and wall art to animation, fashion, toys and children’s decor brand Misery Guts. Tanja also sculpts, having completed two commissioned bronzes in Auckland’s Art District of Karangahape Road in 2016.

Stylistically she could be equated to a saccharine Bill Hammond, with obvious visual references to her Tahitian / Chinese heritage, which can be seen through her subject matter, flattened depth of field, mode of storytelling and outstanding ink work.

Instagram:        https://www.instagram.com/miseryland/

Facebook:          https://www.facebook.com/tanjajademcmillan

Website:             https://www.misery.com/

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