It’s Your World


Holly Mafaufau


The Brickworks area, underneath our Reading Cinema escalators leading to the undercover carpark

The Work at LynnMall:

This artwork focusses on typography to tell a story about the place where it has been created. Abstracted letter forms with their unique style and character represent the perspectives and personalities present in the community as they come together, overlapping and responding to each other to create an environment of vibrancy and energy. These give way to a clearer message of “It’s Your World”, a simple affirmation of self-determination.

The Artist:

Holly Mafaufau is an artist and designer whose more recent focus has been on creating public artworks that combine the influences of graffiti, typography and sign-writing. Holly’s work is primarily focused around words and letters and communication through written language. She enjoys the conceptual, problem-solving aspect of design and takes a similar approach to the walls she paints — words are weapons and public walls are an opportunity to speak to people. She has huge appreciation for traditional sign-painting methods, but enjoys using the materials and digital technology now more commonly used in sign-writing to create her work as well. Going forward Holly intends to explore the abstraction of letterforms to create form, and also to develop design-related, products inspired by these forms and by the prints and patterns often found in textile design.

Instagram:           @fluro_rock

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