07 June 2022

Explore the international cuisines from around the world in our newly refurbish foodcourt within LynnMall.

We have 10 fantastic food eateries to tantalise your taste buds.



Enjoy fresh delicious Japanese inspired cuisine from O & Bowl. Start with rice or noodles and then choose from a number of different salads, toppings, dressings & sauces. Do you want Soba or Udon noodles? Kara age chicken, tempura, or Teriyaki vegetables on top? There are so many delectable decisions and combinations to be made.  It’s your bowl- your way.

Fancy a spot of Turkish and Mediterranean to keep you going? Mezze Bazaar is the answer! If you’re looking for great value for money, then this is the spot for you! Try a classic Turkish style kebab with all the fillings and freshly sliced meats, finished off with a side of fries ofcourse! Don’t forget a piece of Baklava for after.

Head round on to India with a stop at Shamiana. With a variety of different curries, from the mild to the spiciest, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste buds! Don’t forget some garlic naan on the side – if you know, you know!

If you’re looking for some tasty Chinese food to satisfy your hunger, look no further than Hungry Wok. Grab a plate and load up on your favourites (give me alllll the sweet & sour pork!) or choose something to be freshly cooked from the menu – Pad Thai is an absolute must try!

Matsu Sushi boasts delicious Japanese style sushi which is made fresh on site daily. There is so much to choose from from Sushi to Donburi and of course Meso, there really is something for everyone! The best thing about Matsu Sushi is you can wander along and pick out all of your own pieces.  Healthy food with fresh ingredients and excellent customer service. In Matsu Sushi, you are guaranteed to enjoy fancy restaurant-quality food at takeaway price.

If you feel like mouth watering Asian Street food then look no further than, Buns and Rolls.   Offering a large range of Bao Buns, fresh rice paper rolls, spring rolls, Banh Mi and Pho, perfect for either lunch or dinner.  Some meals also include vegan and gluten free options.

If a classic American “go-to” is your thing, look for the golden arches! McDonalds are an absolute fan favourite and a great option if you’ve got lots of mouths to feed – there’s something for everyone. Happy meals for the kids (don’t forget there are fruit bags, water bottles and chicken wraps if you’re after a lighter option), gourmet beef burgers for the adults AND delicious chicken wraps and salads if you’re watching the waistline!

On a cold winters day sometimes there is nothing better than a good pie, so make sure you head to Upper Crust for your pie fix.  With a wide variety of flavours, from the traditional steak and cheese through to custard and peach fruit pies.  And why not treat yourself to a Mrs Higgins oven fresh cookie for desserts.

Celebrate fresh Kiwi product with a stop at Tank. A favourite if you’re looking for something nutritious and delicious, with a huge range of healthy smoothies, salads, juice and wraps to choose from. At Tank, you’ll be lucky enough to have a whole world of inspo right in front of you with Mexican, Thai, Vietnamese and Caesar inspired salads on the menu. If you’re after a drink for on the go, try adding one of their booster shots to your juice or smoothie blend for that extra “pick me up” to get you through the day.

And lastly head to Foo Du, with just the right blend of traditional Chinese authenticity and modernity. You can enjoy the tried and tested recipes that Max’s family have honed for generations.  Made fresh daily with local meats and produce, along with traditional Chinese ingredients, our delicious range will not disappoint. Enjoy a variety of delicious Chinese cuisine – our trademark dumplings (of course), but also dimsum, shumai and more. Don’t just take our word for it. Come and try them for yourself. Your tummy will thank you for it!

Explore tastes of LynnMall | Foodcourt

So what’s stopping you!!  Come in and explore the flavours in LynnMall’s foodcourt today!